Relaxing Bath Gift Baskets

March 23, 2009 at 9:58 AM
Posted by Leigh

Bath Gift BasketLavender is a flower belonging to the mint family and is characterized by its beautiful purple flowers, as well as a fresh, relaxing scent.  The plant has a variety of uses, and is widely grown in gardens.  Lavender is often dried and used in flower arrangements, as well as perfumes and potpourri.  It has also been grown for commercial use, mainly for the extraction of lavender oil, which is used in lavender bath gift baskets and for aromatherapy.

 Lavender nectar is a favorite of honey bees, who produce a lavender honey, and amongst other sweets, there is a lavender sugar which is sugar combined with the lavender herb.  The plant is also often used in fine cuisine to provide a semi-sweet, elegant flavor.

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