Ridding Yourself of Chapped Lips

March 24, 2010 at 14:36 PM
Posted by RubaDub

lipsIf you know that you have a propensity to get chapped lips, it can be a frustrating and even painful condition. After all, if the chapping is severe enough, it can actually cause your lips to split and bleed, which makes everything from eating to smiling painful. Therefore, if you know that you’re predisposed to chapped lips, make sure to avoid some common activities that can increase your likelihood of worsening the condition. With that in mind, stay out of extreme weather, such as heavy wind, extreme heat, or extreme cold.

If you are going to be in these conditions, make sure your lips are entirely covered with fabric or at least covered with an effective lip balm. In general, use lip balm on a regular basis as well as sunscreen as sunburned lips are sometimes erroneously called chapped lips. Also make sure that you avoid licking your lips too much. If you do get chapped lips and need chapped lip relief, make sure to continue to follow this advice. Also, hydrate often and avoid smoking, as smoking significantly evaporates your body’s natural oils.


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