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Farmers’ Markets

March 25, 2011 at 13:03 PM
Posted by RubaDub

farmers-marketSpring is finally here and with the warm weather comes one of my favorite activities: attending Farmers’ Markets! There are several small markets in my community that I frequent. I enjoy browsing through the stalls and selecting fresh produce.

A little further away from my home is a large market that has a permanent structure that is open year round. The wares sold extend beyond produce. I can get meat, fish, honey, and even ice cream. There are also stalls that sell art and beauty items like handmade soap.

Decorative and Functional

March 14, 2011 at 8:53 AM
Posted by RubaDub

bath-fizziesAfter a hard day on the job, I look forward to taking a nice soak in my oversized bath tub. When I’m feeling particularly stressed I like to drop in a few bath fizzies. The bubbling water helps all the stress and tension from the day melt away. Bath fizzies are also quite beautiful so I’ve begun using them in decorating.

The bath fizzies I purchase come in a variety of colors. I keep them in clear glass jars and set them out on the shelves in the bathrooms around my home. In my master bathroom I have a window over the tub, so I put the jars there. The sunshine makes them look so pleasant! I’ve also seen bath fizzies displayed in glass dishes and bowls within easy reach of the tub so they can be plucked and dropped into the bath water.