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Slaves To The Shave

September 21, 2010 at 18:30 PM
Posted by RubaDub

showerFor almost a hundred years now women have been slaving away to keep their legs and underarms smooth. Around 1915 sleeveless dresses became popular and crafty merchants began what some historians call the “Great Underarm Campaign.” This campaign was meant to shame women into shaving their body hair. A photograph of a young woman in a popular women’s magazine featured the girl wearing a slip with her arms raised above her head revealing perfectly clear armpits.

Since this time, women around the world have shaved their armpits and legs. But before women’s shaving products were created, women were forced to use harsh men’s products. Women persevered cuts to their delicate skin and itchy rashes caused by using men’s razors until inventors came up with shower gel. Women who use shower gel for shaving will tell you that their plights to remain hair free have become a little less horrible.

Give Gifts in Natural Baskets

September 3, 2010 at 14:15 PM
Posted by RubaDub

spaWe often give gifts to someone on a special occasion or just simply a token for something a person has done that we truly appreciate. Sometimes we run out of ideas on what to give especially when we do not know the person very well. Nowadays, we don’t just use wrappers.  In fact, we avoid using too much paper. We use containers such as boxes and baskets exposing the gift itself and putting some frills to make it pleasing to the eyes.  Examples of these are fruit baskets and flowers in baskets or vases. Nice gifts can come in natural gift baskets.
Natural gift baskets means having items usually organic and putting them in a nice basket. Spa gifts baskets will be brimming with soap, lotion, bath salts or even shampoo.  Food stuff can also be nice to put in a gourmet basket such us coffee, tea, cookies and other gourmet products. It is very safe to give out anything organic, as we are sure that people will really use and consume them. They are very healthy to the body and so with the environment.