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Custom Gift Baskets

December 9, 2009 at 11:23 AM
Posted by RubaDub

giftPresents become more special when they are personally hand-picked by the giver.  They become even more meaningful when the benefactor himself wraps and delivers the package. Custom gift baskets are wonderful to give to family and friends with different interests and pursuits.  They bear a personal message and an intimate touch as the giver decides what to put in the specially-assembled packs. 

You can send one of these to a close friend and her family.  If the recipients are avid readers, for example, pick a book for each family member then arrange the volumes neatly in your basket.  Wrap and decorate with colorful paper or fabric then include a heartfelt message for the occasion.  Send the gift basket on time for the festivities or special event.  Aside from books, custom gift baskets may also contain assorted toys, CDs and DVDs, food items, clothing, and sports gear.  Be creative in your choices and always opt for things that potential recipients can use, enjoy or appreciate.