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Restore Your Skin’s Potential

July 2, 2009 at 14:46 PM
Posted by RubaDub


Dry skin interferes with daily life in many overt ways. For example, no one likes to watch another person scratching their unsightly patches of dry skin. Scratching might relieve the irritation briefly, but it’s a short-lived solution at best. By stowing a bottle of skin lotion in a desk drawer at work, you can keep your skin healthy and comfortable all day long.

Shea butter’s natural moisturizing properties make it a sensible solution for dry skin. In fact, shea butter lotion does more than just resolve the cosmetic signs of skin irritation. A healthy dollop of lotion works to lessen the impact of eczema, acne scarring, and even burns. Dry skin is a common problem, and sufferers swear by shea butter to provide the relief they need.