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What Exactly is a Bath Fizzy?

May 28, 2009 at 14:50 PM
Posted by RubaDub

fizzy1While they sometimes go by the name of bath seltzers or bath bombs, bath fizzies are basically effervescent tablets that can be thrown into warm bathwater in order to infuse that water with scent and light bubbles. The mix of the gentle bubbles and light scent are sure to make your bath an even more relaxing experience. For the maximum soothing effect, make sure that the scent is something like lavender, vanilla, or rose.

Some bath fizzies also utilize elements that can increase the quality and feel of your skin. This includes moisturizing and softening agents. These products are safe for adults and children, but very young children should be supervised. While no element of the bath fizzy is toxic, it still shouldn’t be consumed, and very young kids might drink the water or eat the product itself. Because they promote relaxation, they are a great gift for a stressed out bride-to-be or a mother that deserves a gift that will pamper her.

Various Uses of Shea Butter

May 15, 2009 at 16:34 PM
Posted by RubaDub

sheaMany people have heard of shea butter but only in the cosmetic context. Shea butter, however, has a very large and diverse range of uses. On the most basic level, shea butter is actually a natural fat extracted from the shea tree fruit. Taken alone, shea butter is edible and has been used in West African cooking for centuries. Less commonly, it replaces cocoa butter in chocolate.

Aside from eating it, shea butter is a common ingredient in high end cosmetics by virtue of its moisturizing characteristics. Some people even claim that shea butter has been effective in treating scars, acne, rashes, eczema, and more. Finding itself in everything from shampoo, conditioner, and shea butter soap, it is also commonly used in other cultures during indigenous ceremonies. In Uganda, for example, a small group believes that covering the body in shea butter will stop bullets.

Save Your Skin with Natural Ingredients

May 1, 2009 at 16:34 PM
Posted by RubaDub

washIf you have extremely dry skin or skin that is susceptible to irritation, it can be difficult trying to find soap that works for you. While store bought soap works relatively well for most people’s skin type, there are those people who suffer from such sensitive skin that mass produced cosmetics cause everything from breakouts to more severe irritation. For these individuals, it’s best to determine the ingredients that cause you discomfort as soon as possible.

If you can’t figure it out on your own, seek out the help of a dermatologist. Once you know what causes you problems, you’ll have a better idea what kind of products you should and shouldn’t buy. If a large majority of store bought soap is going to be problematic, you may have to look into handmade soap. These usually have far less ingredients and can be purchased with little to no scent. If you find the right site, you might even be able to pick and choose which ingredients go into your soap to ensure you don’t have a reaction.