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Living In The Northwest

June 23, 2011 at 16:28 PM
Posted by RubaDub

dry-lipsLiving in the Northwest, though it is beautiful, there are some down falls to it. When it comes to the drastic change of weather it really takes a toll on our skin. Our hands get so dry that we are constantly putting lotion on them every five minutes. No matter how much we put on, it seems like we can never get enough lotion.

Another ailment that we seem to endure is chapped lips. Just like our hands our lips can get really dry. Every season I search high and low for the perfect lip balm for my lips. I go through a lot of lip balm every year.

Ridding Yourself of Chapped Lips

March 24, 2010 at 14:36 PM
Posted by RubaDub

lipsIf you know that you have a propensity to get chapped lips, it can be a frustrating and even painful condition. After all, if the chapping is severe enough, it can actually cause your lips to split and bleed, which makes everything from eating to smiling painful. Therefore, if you know that you’re predisposed to chapped lips, make sure to avoid some common activities that can increase your likelihood of worsening the condition. With that in mind, stay out of extreme weather, such as heavy wind, extreme heat, or extreme cold.

If you are going to be in these conditions, make sure your lips are entirely covered with fabric or at least covered with an effective lip balm. In general, use lip balm on a regular basis as well as sunscreen as sunburned lips are sometimes erroneously called chapped lips. Also make sure that you avoid licking your lips too much. If you do get chapped lips and need chapped lip relief, make sure to continue to follow this advice. Also, hydrate often and avoid smoking, as smoking significantly evaporates your body’s natural oils.

Relaxing Bath Gift Baskets

March 23, 2009 at 9:58 AM
Posted by Leigh

Bath Gift BasketLavender is a flower belonging to the mint family and is characterized by its beautiful purple flowers, as well as a fresh, relaxing scent.  The plant has a variety of uses, and is widely grown in gardens.  Lavender is often dried and used in flower arrangements, as well as perfumes and potpourri.  It has also been grown for commercial use, mainly for the extraction of lavender oil, which is used in lavender bath gift baskets and for aromatherapy.

 Lavender nectar is a favorite of honey bees, who produce a lavender honey, and amongst other sweets, there is a lavender sugar which is sugar combined with the lavender herb.  The plant is also often used in fine cuisine to provide a semi-sweet, elegant flavor.

Chapped Lips are the Worst!

March 9, 2009 at 12:25 PM
Posted by RubaDub


Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than having chapped lips in the winter.  Having chapped lips outdoors, at work, or during a holiday gathering ruins the occasion just as fast as spilling wine on your suit or dress.  While it’s not necessary to carry lip balm all the time, during the winter you’ll seldom regret it if you keep a tube in your coat or jacket pocket.  When it comes to lip balm, you also want to ensure that the flavor doesn’t spoil your food.  Nothing’s worse than having cherry lip balm and then eating spicy barbeque – Yuck! 

It’s also important to remember that if you apply lip balm regularly, even if your lips aren’t chapped, you won’t have chapped lips as often in the future.  It’s a good idea to put on lip balm at least three or four times per week during the winter, and more often if your lips are chapped of course.