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Creativity Is Key

April 26, 2011 at 16:39 PM
Posted by RubaDub

bath-gift-basketTrying to find the right type of gift can be stressful. Even for the most patient people. It doesn’t matter if the gift is for a baby shower or a bachelorette party. People have different tastes and nowadays creativity plays a huge part.

A great alternative is a gift basket. You can be creative as you want. For example, a handmade bath gift basket is great for anyone. You can put in little soaps, bath gels, towels and even a robe inside. The creativity is limitless.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

February 17, 2011 at 8:23 AM
Posted by RubaDub

In the past my Valentine’s Day gifts to my wife have been pretty pedestrian. I usually go for red roses, chocolate, and jewelry. Though my wife always says how much she enjoys the gifts, I can tell that a bit more originality would go a long way. This year for Valentine’s Day I will be giving her a custom gift basket.

The custom gift basket I put together for my wife has all of her favorite bath items in her favorite scents. The basket includes Shea butter and goat milk soap, body spray, and lip balms. I’ve also included the 3-in-1 body wash, shampoo, and bubble bath she loves so much. My daughter is going to help me wrap the gift basket and I’ll attach a heart-felt, hand-written Valentine’s Day card. I just know this custom gift basket is going to blow my wife away… which worries me since I have no idea what I’ll do next year!

Making Your Own Gift Basket

October 5, 2010 at 8:33 AM
Posted by RubaDub

purpGift baskets are a delightful way to surprise a family member or friend on any occasion, and also simple to make by yourself. To get started with your homemade gift basket, choose a theme. For the sake of this example, let’s say we’re making a fall gift basket. Fall gift baskets often contain things like candies, autumn coffee blends, pumpkins and gourds, fine wines, cheese, and kettle corn. You can put in pretty much anything that falls under an autumn or thanksgiving theme; the choice is yours.

Once you have your items together, you will want to arrange them in a manner in which all the items are visible from the front of the basket.  Put taller, heavier items in first, then display the other items against them or in front of them.  You can stuff the basket with straw, or silk leaves to make it look more authentic, and act as a buffer in between the items.  Viola~!  You have a beautiful fall basket all made at home.

Last-Minute Gift Idea

August 27, 2009 at 12:15 PM
Posted by RubaDub

bubble-bathAfter 10 years of marriage, I guess I know my wife’s passions and interests pretty well. I routinely use this knowledge to come up with unique gift ideas every time a holiday rolls around. For instance, I took her for a romantic weekend in the California wine country for our last anniversary. There’s no way I would have thought to book the trip if I didn’t remember her intense interest in wineries.

For whatever reason, her birthday threw me for a bit of a loop this year. It wasn’t until the last moment that I finally stumbled upon a bath gift basket online. In the past I’ve been annoyed at how much time my wife spends in the tub, luxuriating in the soapy warmth of a bubble bath. But that information came in especially handy when I needed it most. She was thrilled to receive a basket loaded with balms, gels and pleasing fragrances.